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Fleming College and Trebas Institute Ontario have partnered to offer Fleming’s programs in Toronto, Ontario. Here, you can access not only employment and networking opportunities, but all the entertainment and multicultural events of Canada’s largest and most diverse city. 

The partnership ensures that your experience and academic delivery aligns with Fleming’s high standards of education. You will benefit from not only expert and experienced faculty, but also various amenities and services that the Toronto campus provides, including career counseling, accessibility services, and personal wellness support.

Fleming College is an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology with various campuses across the province. The college emphasizes practical, hands-on education that gets graduates into the workplace. The college boasts strong local, regional, and global ties that make it attuned to the needs of the domestic and international business community, and therefore the needs of students looking to advance their careers. Fleming College Toronto promotes a culture of respect and recognition, so you can expect a learning environment that values diversity and inclusion.

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The new Toronto campus, situated in midtown Toronto, gives you access to all the career and networking opportunities of Canada’s business and finance capital. Toronto is home to the Canadian headquarters of many industry leaders, such as Google, Apple, and Intel. Various programs provide hands-on experience to help get you into the workplace faster.

The midtown campus location is near restaurants, cafes, fitness clubs, and health clinics. Eglinton Station, a subway and bus station, is a 4-minute walk away, making for an easy commute if you choose to live away from the campus or want to explore other parts of the city in your free time.

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