Meet the Fleming College Toronto Team!

  • Ehsan Final (1)

    Ehsan Safdari


  • Diana

    Diana Mockute

    Chief Partnerships Officer

  • Damien Holland (1)

    Damien Holland

    Campus Director

  • Fernanda Trincado

    Fernanda Trincado

    Vice President, Administration, Enrolment & Enterprise Systems

  • Manny Bassi

    Manny Bassi

    Executive Director of Operations & Infrastructure


  • Bryan

    Bryan Vythilingum

    Executive Director of Student Recruitment & Business Development

  • Ravi (1)

    Ravi Mehndiratta

    Vice President, Student Recruitment

  • Jessica

    Jessica Tay

    Vice President, Marketing and Communications


  • Vidya

    Vidya Raman

    Vice President, Finance

  • Shadya Mahfouz

    Shadya Mahfouz

    Executive Dean

  • Henry Gomez

    Henry Gomez

    Academic Director

  • Andrew

    Andrew Todasco

    Student Services Director

  • Svetlana Balaba (1)

    Svetlana Balaba

    Director of Retention & Records, Office of the Registrar

  • Dhanya Arvind

    Dhanya Arvind

    Associate Director, Partnerships & Business Development

  • Rizwan G

    Rizwan G

    Associate Director of Retention & Records, Office of the Registrar

  • Marcela Estay

    Marcela Estay

    Manager, Career Services

  • Tejas Raju

    Tejas Raju

    Senior Manager - Student Recruitment

  • Jordan Robertson

    Jordan Robertson

    Student Recruitment Manager

  • Tasnuva Hasnat

    Tasnuva Hasnat

    Team Lead - Student Recruitment

  • Julie Jeong

    Julie Jeong

    Student Recruitment Advisor

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