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Fleming College and Trebas Institute Ontario have partnered to offer Fleming’s programs in Toronto, Ontario. Here, you can access not only employment and networking opportunities, but all the entertainment and multicultural events of Canada’s largest and most diverse city.


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FCT New Program PSW

Announcing Two New Programs at Fleming College Toronto

We are pleased to announce that two new programs will become available to students applying to study in the Fall 2023 Semester: one-year Personal Support Worker Certificate program and one-year International Business Management Graduate Certificate program.

Damien Holland, campus director at FCT, said, “We are thrilled to launch these new program offerings, allowing students the chance to explore a greater range of careers in both business and healthcare.”


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Personal Support Worker

In this one-year certificate program, gain the skills to start a fulfilling and in-demand career that puts people first. Learn through traditional lectures and innovative lab components, preparing you to thrive in a large range of healthcare settings or pursue further education.

Personal Support Worker Certificate

Business Diploma

Dive into a business career at Fleming College Toronto, located in the heart of Canada’s bustling business and finance capital, Toronto. Students will gain all the skills and know-how for success in a global business environment.

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Global Business Management

With this 2-year graduate certificate, you will learn to lead in domestic and international business settings. Fleming College Toronto’s campus provides access to Canada’s business and financial capital, the perfect place to jump start a career.

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International Business Management

In this one-year graduate certificate program, upgrade your business skills with practical training and the latest theory in finance, communication, and management, readying you for a rewarding career in business and commerce in Toronto and beyond.

International Business Management Graduate Certificate

Project Management

This one-year graduate certificate provides you with the skills and knowledge to manage all aspects of a project and achieve organizational goals in a competitive global environment.

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Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics

In this one-year graduate certificate, you will learn how global companies manage the flow of goods and services to maximize their competitive advantage.

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English Language Bridge (ELB)

Learn the language and academic skills to succeed in college and beyond with Fleming College Toronto English Language Bridge (FCT ELB), a direct pathway to your desired diploma or graduate certificate program at Fleming College Toronto.

English Language Bridge (ELB)

Other programs

Diego Gantiva
“My experience in this program has been very good from day one. The instructors are extremely supportive and the course content is practical and prepares you for the real working world.”
Diego Gantiva
Business Diploma | Colombia
Villarico Villarin
“The courses are useful for work, and the instructors helped me not only with academics but also with adapting to life in Canada. I would recommend it if you want to know more about how business works internationally.”
Villarico Villarin
Global Business Management | Graduate Certificate
Natalia Ducard
“My favourite part is the experience that the professors bring to the classes. Thanks to their expert instruction, I can confidently say that I am now prepared to manage and lead a team while handling different risks and opportunities related to projects."
Natalia Ducard
Project Management | Graduate Certificate
Keshab Thapa
“The professors have created a helpful environment that encourages cooperation and problem-solving. This has been a remarkable opportunity to acquire knowledge that will improve my career prospects.”
Keshab Thapa
Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics
Sudhy Narang
“This program gave me a deep understanding of the different fields that supply chain management brings together, like logistics, customs, demand planning, and overall operations. I’m a hands-on person, so I loved working with the simulation software, which lets you see the consequences of all your decisions in the supply chain. That gave us real experience for our resumes.”
Sudhy Narang
Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics | Graduate Certificate

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