What is a Co-op Work Permit?

A co-op work permit is mandatory for programs with a work component such as a field placement, internship, co-op or clinical placement, even if the work is unpaid and conducted on or off campus. A co-op work permit application should be made at the same time as the study permit.

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How to Apply for a Co-op Work Permit

You will be provided with a co-op letter, which will be a part of your Letter of Acceptance, to support your application.  You can also apply for a co-op work permit if you already have a study permit.

We strongly advise students to carefully follow the instructions provided in their offer package and complete the application process before arriving in Canada when applying for their study permit and visa. This application is free and will be issued at the border along with your study permit upon your arrival.

It's crucial to apply online to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and receive approval before commencing any placement hours. To check processing time (subject to change), visit IRCC’s process time page.

For detailed steps and a list of necessary documents for a co-op work permit application, please refer to Guide 5580 on the IRCC website.

Should you have any additional inquiries and would like to be connected with an International Student Advisor, please feel free to reach out to isa@flemingcollegetoronto.ca. You can also visit them in person on campus or book an online consultation via the MyFCT Portal.

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