Fleming College Toronto is committed to working with all students to ensure access and meaningful participation in every classroom. We strive to build a barrier-free environment and can help create a plan to help meet all your needs.

Accessibility Services


What is accessibility?

Accessibility is the practice of making education and spaces barrier-free (as much as possible) for everyone. Ontario law entitles all students to full participation in their education.

What is a disability? 

A disability is a medical, physical, or cognitive condition that prevents or reduces a person's ability to participate fully in society.​

Types of disabilities​

Disabilities can be:

  • Visible (using a wheelchair, hearing aid, cane, prosthetics)​
  • Invisible (ADHD, learning disability, diagnosed depression)​
  • Permanent – a life-long condition
  • Temporary – time-limited (broken leg/arm)
Accessibility Services

What is an academic accommodation?​

Academic accommodations are arrangements that allow a student with a disability or medical emergency a fair opportunity to engage in academic activities and fulfill essential course and program requirements.

Some examples of academic accommodations include extra time for assignments/exams​, quiet space for assignments​, ability to record the lecture​, preferential seating, excused time off from class due to medical emergency.

Accessibility Services

How do students receive this service?​​

Accessibility services are free and confidential. To request academic accommodations, you must first meet with an accessibility counsellor to review your claim. The counsellor may ask you to bring supporting information or documentation to the meeting.

If you believe you have a disability, whether permanent or temporary, contact us at: accessibility@flemingcollegetoronto.ca

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