In this one-year graduate certificate program, upgrade your business skills with practical training and the latest theory in finance, communication, and management, readying you for a rewarding career in business and commerce in Toronto and beyond.

Program Code:




Graduate Certificate



One Year
(two semesters)


Start Dates:

Fall (September),
Winter (January),
Spring (May)


International Business Management Graduate Certificate


Semesters Semester 1 Semester 2
Tuition $8,275.00 $8,275.00
Ancillary Fees $502.49 $491.89
Health Insurance $700.00 N/A
Semester Total $9,477.49 $8,766.89
Total Program Fees $18,244.38


*Tuition and fees subject to changes.

*Health insurance is mandatory and non-refundable.

Scholarships and Awards:

Click here to learn more about entrance scholarships and awards.

Program Highlights

  • Operate your own virtual company using innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.
  • Learn from faculty with extensive industry experience and a readiness to share insider knowledge.
  • Support an organization’s international business operations by conducting, evaluating, and presenting market research.
  • Learn about and understand the international marketplace with some essential skills for running a successful global company.
  • Class sizes that maximize personalized learning and peer interaction.
  • Link traditional business concepts with corporate social responsibility, diversity, and innovation.
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PM Why Fleming

Why Choose Fleming College Toronto

  • Learn in a supportive environment that values both the theoretical and practical sides of skill development in college education.
  • Build your future business community with an international classroom and unprecedented access to Canada’s bustling business and finance capital, Toronto.
  • Expect innovative course content through traditional lectures, case studies, simulations, guest speakers, and field trips, all supported by faculty from a wide range of disciplines and industries.
  • Get access to an extensive suite of support services, such as career services, academic counselling, housing and more.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cosmopolitan life, including a thriving job market, cultural diversity and networking opportunities.

What it takes to succeed

  • Collaboration: The most successful business leaders are always the best collaborators. Collaboration involves not only sharing skills and experience in order to reach a common objective but also being open to new ideas.
  • Networking Skills: Having the ability to network can help you find a new job, make connections with a supplier for your company, find a new partner, and much more. Toronto has plenty of industry networking events to help you get started.
  • Adaptive Thinking: Today’s business world needs confident problem solvers who can make good decisions quickly and thrive in an ever-changing environment.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotionally intelligent people are more self-aware, better team players, and can calmly manage stressful situations, making them great decision-makers and more interpersonal leaders.
  • Resilience: Resilience is the ability of individuals and organizations to recover and adapt to disruptions quickly, an important skill in a world where technological innovation is rapidly changing the way we do business.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Students applying to International Business Management must meet the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree or Ontario College diploma of 2 years (4 semesters) minimum in any discipline or equivalent.
  • One mathematics course at the post-secondary level (recommended but not required for admissions).
  • Successful competition of Fleming College Toronto English Language Bridge Level 6 or provide IELTS Academic Overall 6.5 with no band score less than 6.0 or equivalent (students applying through the SDS stream must have an overall 6.0 with no band less than 6.0).
    Applicants can also review the Languages Requirements page to understand and learn about the other options available to meet the program’s language requirements.

For more information about this program or its admission requirements, reach out to

Technology Requirements

Students are required to have their own computer, internet access, webcam and microphone. Some required software applications are not available for MAC OS or Chromebook. Computer must be virtual machine capable. No tablets or Chromebooks for lab work. For this program, the following system specifications are required:

Microsoft Computer

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: Core i5 – 1.6 GHz

Memory: 8 GB

Hard disk: 160 GB

Apple Computer

Operating System: MacOS 10.12

Processor: Core i5 – 6th Gen

Memory: 8 GB

Hard disk: 160 GB


Download speed: 2.5 Mbps

Upload speed: 3.0 Mbps

International Business Management Graduate Certificate

Career Opportunities

With the broad skillset that the International Business Management program offers, endless career opportunities are available. For some ideas, check out these sample career paths:


  • Human Resources Management: Serve as the connection between management and employees by overseeing recruitment and training while maintaining a positive and safe work environment for everyone.

  • Marketing and Sales Management: Oversee a talented team of marketing sales, and communication professionals to solve problems through creativity and reach target markets.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager: Oversee the processes and teams involved in the acquisition, production, and distribution of goods across your target market, ensuring that consumers are satisfied with your company’s products and delivery.

This program will prepare you for management roles in:

  • Not-for-profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Delivery
  • Logistics
  • Marketing and Sales

Program Courses

Financial Accounting - ACCT 88 - Hours: 45

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the preparation and use of accounting information in Canada. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) will be used to record, report and analyze the financial transactions and operating results of a business.


International Market Research and Entry Strategies - MKTG 120 - Hours: 45

Research and plan the export of products to international markets, focus on decision making and planning. Find information on foreign markets, create market profiles, plan market entry, financing, and ready a product for export.


Professional Communications - COMM 198 - Hours: 45

This course teaches foundational skills in writing and speaking to support students in their postgraduate Business programs while also preparing them for the communication demands of the contemporary Business workplace. Working both individually and collaboratively, students learn a variety of Business workplace writing formats, including e-mails, memos, and reports. The course also covers research, APA citation and documentation, professional presentations, working in teams, and communicating across cultures.


Foundation Course - MGMT 311 - Hours: 45

Essential knowledge for success in the program. Exploration of the Canadian business climate and in depth treatment of the technical and soft skills required and a comprehensive approach to research and documentation.


International Marketing - MKTG 119 - Hours: 45

Marketing products and services internationally using a managerial approach essential in a rapidly changing international environment. Marketing strategies and tactics to facilitate the management of international marketing plans.


The Role of International Law in Business - LAWS 252 - Hours: 45

Principles, customs, and rules governing behaviour, relationship, and interdependence, between nations and organizations. Contracts, dispute resolution, product liability, intellectual property, legal structures of companies and joint ventures.


Computer Applications for International Business and Trade - COMP 494 - Hours: 45

Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using ERP software in a technology enabled database. Students operate a virtual company while using the various ERP modules in sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, operations and human resources.


Global Supply Chain Management - MTRL 42 - Hours: 45

Overview of Supply Chain processes from sourcing through operations to logistics. Concepts such as Lean Six Sigma and negotiations skills will be taught using simulations.


Innovation in the Global Marketplace - MGMT 171 - Hours: 45

Increased globalization and competition makes innovation essential. This course analyses kinds of innovation, underlying characteristics of innovators and allows students to practise and demonstrate their own creativity.


Corporate Social Responsibility in a Global Environment - MGMT 226 - Hours: 45

The market demands organizations in all sectors to institute strong CSR policies. This case-based course examines ethical dilemmas in domestic and international projects so that students can make ethical and sustainable business decisions.


Importing and Exporting Regulations - INTL 3 - Hours: 45

Recognition, assessment and synthesis of government regulations is necessary for the international movement of goods across borders. Students will be able to apply legislation, procedures, and complete documentation to facilitate international trade.


Principles of Project Management - MGMT 312 - Hours: 45

An introduction to effective project management based on PMI principles that provide students with the techniques to manage projects in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments.


*Course Information is subject to change without notification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A certificate will allow you to enhance your skills in finance and management, potentially improving your job prospects and giving you a competitive edge in the job market. The program also provides practical learning and networking opportunities for professional growth.

This program will cover subjects like accounting, communications, marketing, and more. These subjects will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the global business environment.

Yes, you can. Fleming College Toronto will provide you with the necessary training and knowledge to help you jump-start your career in this field. However, in order to enroll in this program, an undergraduate degree or Ontario college diploma of 2 years is required.

You may face challenges in the industry, including cultural differences and diverse legal and regulatory environments. Fleming College Toronto will help you navigate these challenges in your program.

Please contact Fleming College Toronto to learn about your program’s deliveries.

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