Extending Your Study Permit

Your study permit is the official authorization for your legal studies in Canada. It’s essential to be aware of the expiration date of your study permit. If your study permit is set to expire before you finish your program, you must apply for an extension to ensure your continued ability to study in Canada. The most suitable timeframe to initiate the request for extending your study permit is approximately two to three months before the expiry date of your current permit.

International students are responsible for maintaining valid immigration documents and legal status in Canada throughout the duration of their program of studies. Students who are out of status cannot study or work in Canada.

When Your Study Permit Expires

The expiry date on your study permit tells you when you must stop studying and leave Canada.

You can find the expiry date in the top right corner of your permit. This date is usually the length of your study program, plus 90 days. The extra 90 days give you time to prepare to leave Canada or to extend your stay in Canada. If your study permit is expiring soon and you want to keep studying, you need to apply to extend your study permit prior to its expiry date.

For detailed steps and information on extending your study permit, as well as the necessary documents, please refer to Guide 5552 - Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada - Student - online application.

Should you have any additional inquiries and would like to be connected with an International Student Advisor, please feel free to reach out to isa@flemingcollegetoronto.ca.

If you find that you need assistance in reviewing your application with an International Student Advisor, you can visit them in person on campus, bringing along all the relevant documents, or you can book an online consultation via the MyFCT Student Portal.

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