Student Ambassadors Organize and Host Chess Tournament

Student Ambassadors Organize and Host Chess Tournament


From March 26 to April 1, Fleming College Toronto’s (FCT) chess club, led by our student ambassadors, held a school-wide chess tournament.

The tournament garnered significant interest, with 24 students joining to compete and more coming to watch the matches. Following three days of intense competition, six students emerged victorious, earning invitations to the highly anticipated finals. Ultimately, Rupali, a third-semester Global Business Management Graduate Certificate student, was crowned the winner.

FCT’s chess club is one of many clubs available to students, including photography club, movie club, and soccer club. These provide opportunities for student to explore their interests, make new friends and enhance their college experience. To join any of these exciting clubs, simply connect with a student ambassador on campus.

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Student Ambassadors Organize and Host Chess Tournament

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