2 Years to Business Savvy: A Complete Rundown of the Business Diploma

2 Years to Business Savvy: A Complete Rundown of the Business Diploma


There are endless reasons why business diplomas are so popular. Besides offering great employment prospects, students learn transferable skills that let them explore a wide range of career focuses. A business diploma can be combined with another passion or graduate certificate. If you love movies, for example, you might apply your understanding of finance, economics, and management to work in the film industry.

In Fleming College Toronto’s 2-year program, students can expect innovative program content that keeps pace with changes in the job market. Simulations, guest speakers, and field trips allow for a closer look at your workplace of choice. This is important for students, as it familiarizes them with the day-to-day workflow of different careers, allowing them to make better decisions about their future.

The faculty offers expertise and personal experience in management, accounting, marketing, and other fields. The small class sizes ensure students will get the personal attention that they need to succeed. Upon graduation, if you want to take your skills to the next level, a range of graduate certificate programs are available, including Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics, Global Business Management, and Project Management.

Why study in Toronto?

The campus of Fleming College Toronto gives you access to all the benefits of cosmopolitan life, including cultural diversity, entertainment, and a thriving job market. The city is known as Canada’s business and finance capital because it houses industry leaders in almost every business sector. The global headquarters here include Thomson Reuters, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), Fairmont Hotels, Brookfield Asset Management, and more. It is also home to the Canadian headquarters of Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, and Intel.

But how do graduates stack up in these competitive fields? Well, despite the challenges of landing a job during the pandemic, graduates saw an 86% employment rate in 2020, a number that will only grow as the economy reopens. Because Toronto offers such a wealth of work and networking opportunities, the Toronto campus makes it easier to land that dream job.

Business is on the rise

Over the last year, the demand for business degrees and diplomas has skyrocketed. Likewise, the pandemic and lockdown has created a surge in people looking to become entrepreneurs. These are indications that the business sector is a good one to be in.

So, if you are looking to start your own business or join a team, head over here for a more detailed program description.



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