Build Your Success: A Deep Dive into Project Management

Build Your Success: A Deep Dive into Project Management


In today’s competitive global environment, companies need project managers who can adapt, analyze, communicate, and understand the big picture. That is why Fleming College Toronto has created a 1-year long Project Management Graduate Certificate Program.  

The program aligns with the Project Management Body of Knowledge as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), a worldwide industry organization that maintains standards and credentials.  

Students acquire the skills to pursue project coordination and management roles in any organization, regardless of their post-secondary educational background. Indeed, one asset of this program is its relevance to any industry. In a single classroom, you will find students passionate about the technology sector sitting beside others who want to manage engineering or construction projects. This diversity creates synergy in the classroom, making for a healthy learning environment.  

No matter what your passion is, instructors will help you develop all the skills needed for success, including skills for leadership, organizational management, and technical project management.  

You will learn traditional project management techniques as well as those from Agile Project Management and Lean Six Sigma standards. The latter, for example, involves a methodology to improve the performance and bottom line of any organization through the identification of defects, over-production, inventory, and more.  

This program could put you on a management track in your chosen field and prepare you for roles, such as Business Analyst, Project Leader, or Project Control Analyst, to name but a few.  

What Is Project Management?

Project management is a periodic method of organizing, carrying out, and monitoring a project from beginning to end to ensure it achieves its objectives, stays within its budget, and follows a schedule. In order to efficiently achieve targeted goals and provide value to stakeholders. It includes organizing resources, tasks, and teams.

Why Study Project Management

Studying project management offers individuals the essential skills and knowledge to plan, execute, and control projects effectively. It enhances your ability to lead teams, manage resources efficiently, and deliver successful outcomes, making you a valuable asset to organizations across various industries.

Why study in Toronto? 

Fleming College Toronto’s campus gives you access to all the benefits of cosmopolitan life, including cultural diversity, entertainment, and a thriving job market. 

According to the Canadian Government, in the Toronto area, the number of job openings in project management tends to match the number of workers available, meaning graduates from Fleming College Toronto have direct access to employment. On a larger scale, between 2019 and 2028, the Canadian Government expects 91,800 job openings across the country. That number increases when you factor in technical project managers, like those working in the engineering or design sector.  

Toronto is also home to various conferences like the International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation, a great place for students and graduates to get a closer look at the kind of research, innovation, and discussions relevant to the world of management.  

Why upgrade to a graduate certificate?

You can gain a competitive advantage and fast-track your career by adding this specialization to your portfolio. This is true for those holding diplomas or degrees in business, technology, engineering, health care, public policy, or community development. 

The program, which emphasizes practical, real-world learning, includes a simulation course, where students work through a mock project and hone their acquired skills in planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and presenting project progress for the work environment. 

This program also holds several key advantages for students contemplating a choice between a graduate certificate and an MBA. Some of these advantages include:   

  1. The program can be completed faster. MBAs take 16 months or 4 semesters, whereas this graduate certificate can be completed in 8 months or 2 semesters. 
  2. The program offers more vocational and technical training based on industry needs, whereas typical MBA programs focus on a more generalized, theory-based curriculum. 
  3. Graduate Certificates are more affordable. The cost of this graduate certificate is $16,550 per academic year. 

What is being a project manager like? 

The day-to-day of a project manager can vary greatly depending on the field you end up focusing on. But in a general sense, a project manager will need to lead, adapt, collaborate, and solve problems. Communication and organization are essential skills for anyone looking to build or advance a career in this field.  

If this sounds exciting to you, head over here for a more detailed program description or send an email to  


Are project management certifications recognized internationally?

Yes, PMI certificates are recognized internationally.

How can I become a certified project manager? 

For more information, visit Project Management Graduate Certificate.

What are the key phases in project management?

The key phases in Project Management typically are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing.

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