Learn to Lead on a Global Scale: A Closer Look at Global Business Management

Learn to Lead on a Global Scale: A Closer Look at Global Business Management


Most businesses are interconnected on a global scale, so much that the actions of one business can affect people on the other side of the world. As a result, it is vital for companies to hire employees who understand the complex web of global business dynamics built of economic, intercultural, and political exchange. That is where Fleming College Toronto’s 2-year Global Business Management graduate certificate comes in. This program will provide you with everything you need to become a leader in domestic and international business.

What Is Global Business?

Global Business refers to commercial activities on a worldwide scale involving the exchange of products, services, and resources among countries. It contains the operations of corporations, trade, investments, and the detailed network of connected global markets.

Why Is Global Business important?

In today's world, global business has become essential for many companies and organizations. It is vital in helping countries grow their economy through trade, expanding their product reach, and attracting investments from various locations. This results in improved product quality and affordability for consumers, encouraging closer relationships between nations, promoting cultural understanding, and even contributing to global stability through interconnected economies. In our highly connected world, global business is a significant factor that impacts everyone.

What are the benefits of studying Global Business Management?

Studying Global Business Management at Fleming College Toronto will equip you with skills that are highly relevant in today’s world such as finance, marketing, communication, and more. You will learn how to navigate the complexities of the domestic and international markets, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and more. These skills will open doors to various career opportunities worldwide, from human resources to marketing and sales management. 

Why study in Toronto? 

The Toronto campus gives students access to all the benefits of cosmopolitan life, including cultural diversity, entertainment, and a thriving job market. 

According to Macleans Magazine, some of the best paying jobs in Canada are in business management. However, to get a better picture of employment opportunities in this sector, it can be useful to look at data from both the private and public sector.  

According to research from Robert Half, a global consulting firm part of the S&P 500, when it comes to business, finance, and administration positions in Toronto, 62% of recruiters said that they prefer to hire local talent. This means that living in Toronto can help you land a job. 

The availability of management positions depends on the sector you want to work in. According to the government of Canada, for example, Toronto management positions in finance are in high demand. To find out more about job prospects in your sector of interest, head over to the Canadian Job Bank and search for your occupation of choice in Toronto.  

Toronto is also home to various conferences like the International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation, a great place for students and graduates to get a closer look at the kind of research, innovation, and discussion relevant to the world of management.  

Why upgrade to a graduate certificate? 

This graduate certificate allows you to stand out among applicant pools, as it shows employers a readiness to overcome any management challenges in the workplace. It includes intensive study in advanced topics, such as international economics and organizational behaviour. In the later, students examine the Canadian business environment and the management decisions involved in organizational behavior.  

You will also put your skills into practice in the capstone work-integrated project, allowing for firsthand experience in Toronto’s fast-paced business world. Project options include marketing plans, project management, database management, and more. This kind of learning framework helps graduates better prepare and understand the Canadian workplace.  

This program also holds several key advantages for students contemplating a choice between a graduate certificate and an MBA:  

  1. Graduate Certificates involve more vocational training, thereby preparing students for the workplace. 
  2. Graduate Certificates are more affordable. The cost of this graduate certificate is $16,350 per academic year. 
  3. MBAs are becoming more common among applicants, whereas specializations such as this stand-out to employers looking for specific skill sets to add to their talent pool. 

What is it like being a global business manager?  

Global business managers take on a wide range of responsibilities that involve diverse skill sets. This includes the consideration of international politics, economics, and legal matters that impact business plans. Global managers must also build strategies that are effective and conducive to diverse populations across different regions. 

Being a global manager also means being a life-long learner, as you must pay attention to and learn about new product development and shifting market needs. 

When it comes to soft skills, global managers need to have excellent cross-cultural communication skills. This means understanding cultural differences and how they impact both workflow and organizational structures. In addition, managers need to have a high capacity for collaboration, as they will be working with various teams of professionals. Adaptability and emotional intelligence are also essential in this kind of job. Managers need to be ready to respond to unforeseen circumstances, but also to understand and empathize with their coworkers and workforce. 

If this sounds exciting to you, head over here for a more detailed program description. 


Can I apply for the program without a business background?

Please visit the Global Business Management Graduate Certificate webpage for more information.

What topics are covered in the Global Business Management program?

Topics covered during the program include finance, marketing, and communication.

What are the potential career opportunities after completing the program?

After completing your program, you can pursue a career in Customer Relations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, and more.

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