All about International Business Management Opportunities in Canada

All about International Business Management Opportunities in Canada


Before enrolling in a new college in a new country, it is vital to get an answer to that nagging question, “what happens after I graduate?” 

Others will help you answer this question: friends, family, and professionals such as immigration and education experts. However, to really feel confident about taking the first steps to a new career, to get a well-rounded view of what happens after graduation, you’re going to have to do your own research. But where do you start? 

Well, to get a better idea of the job prospects for graduates of International Business Management, keep reading. First, take a closer look at the employment data related to management positions in Canada. Second, review some sample careers for managers in Toronto. Remember, though, this is only a starting point. Use the information in this post to begin your own search! 

Job Prospects in Canada 

One helpful tool for identifying the level of demand for certain career paths is the government of Canada’s Job Bank.  

On the Job Bank webpage, you can search for any career that interests you. The Job Bank will show you the projected demand for job titles in each province. It rates the demand out of five stars, one star meaning “very limited opportunities,” and five stars meaning, “very good opportunities.”  

If you search for business manager using Job Bank, it reveals five-star job prospects in multiple provinces, including Ontario. 

To be more specific, according to the same website, between 2019 and 2028, there are expected to be 59,400 new business management jobs in Canada and 58,700 new job seekers.  

As the number of jobs will be greater than the number of job seekers, talented managers should have no issues finding a position for themselves.  

What Kinds of Opportunities are there for Managers in Toronto?  

As Toronto is Canada’s business and financial capital, the opportunities for business managers are too many to list. 

Samsung Electronics 

Samsung’s location in Mississauga offers an employee purchasing program for all Samsung products and a great environment for learning and growth. At the time of writing, A manager of general accounting can make up to $70,000 here. 


The famous file hosting service has been looking to expand its team of Toronto talent. They are known for flexibility, work-life balance, and options to work from home. Here, a senior manager of business development can make up to $115,000. 


Deloitte is the largest professional service network in the world, offering a range of business services including auditing, consulting, legal, financial advisory, and more, all from their downtown Toronto location. On Glassdoor, it has an above-average ranking in compensation and benefits and company culture and values. Senior Managers have a starting salary of approximately $122,000. 

Canada Goose 

This iconic Canadian winter clothing manufacturer has several locations to work from in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Program Managers can make up to $89,000 per year. Unique benefits include product discounts, the chance to join a yearly polar bear trip, and the “Humanature Pass,” which allows employees to take part in outdoor activities for 1 hour per week. 


With great employee discounts and opportunities for professional development and further education, Apple’s Toronto locations can be fantastic places to work for business managers.  Managers at Apple have an average base pay of $95,089. 

Disclaimer: All information in this post regarding wages and benefits was accessed on on February 9, 2022. 

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