All about Personal Support Worker Opportunities in Canada

All about Personal Support Worker Opportunities in Canada


Personal support workers have rewarding careers and excellent job prospects in the Canadian economy. To learn more about the job market for this fulfilling career, including the reasons why it’s in high demand and what kind of organizations employ personal support workers, keep reading! 

Job Prospects in Canada 

The government of Canada’s labour market survey has shown that there is a high demand for personal support workers in several provinces, including Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Ontario (Source: Government of Canada). 

In Ontario, there is a growing demand for home health care, residential care, and individual and family services. The government is also investing in long-term care homes and community-based care (Source: Government of Canada).  

In this labour market, graduates of personal support worker programs in Ontario should have an easy time finding career opportunities.  

Why is There a High Demand for Personal Support Workers in Canada? 

The growing demand for personal support workers comes from two factors: an aging population and a desire to age at home rather than at personal care homes or other facilities.  

In Canada, between now and 2046, the population of seniors aged 85 and older will triple in size (Source: Stats Canada). An aging population will require more healthcare support from both the government and private sector, leading to increased opportunities for many people working in the healthcare sector, including personal support workers.  

What’s more, 92% of older Canadians prefer in-home care as they age, as opposed to previous generations who moved to personal care homes, retirement homes, or other facilities (Source: Ipsos). In other words, these Canadians will be looking for personal care workers to support them.     

Types of Career Opportunities in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) 

Toronto and the GTA have many organizations that need personal support workers. Below, browse some of the highest-rated options found on Glassdoor. Note that all these organizations were hiring at the time of writing (01.25.2023), but you will need to do your own research to find the right opportunity for you. 

The Care Company 

The Care Company screens all clients to ensure that caregivers are working in an acceptable environment. They also provide training courses to help their workers specialize in different medical conditions. If you work for the Care Company, you will join a “Care Squad,” made of personal support workers, companions, nurses, and physiotherapists.  

The Salvation Army 

Perhaps the most famous organization on this list, the Salvation Army offers some great positions for personal care workers, both part-time and full-time.  


Weecare focuses on pediatrics (the medical care of infants and children). Here, personal support workers assist children with their daily routines and accompany them to appointments and out-of-home activities.  

Spectrum Healthcare

Known as Ontario’s “Leading provider of innovative home health care,” Spectrum employs a unique “total care” philosophy that enhances independence, quality of life, and wellness. They are known for compassionate staff who deliver services to meet the diverse and changing needs of their many clients, who come from many age groups.  

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