Why ELB Is the Right Fit for You

Why ELB Is the Right Fit for You


This is a guest post from Daniel Shaw, ELB Program Coordinator and experienced language educator at Fleming College Toronto.  

Thinking of moving to Canada to study as an international student but still need to polish your English language skills? Our English Language Bridge program (ELB) could be the perfect fit for you to start your journey in Canada! 

A Smooth Transition

Why is ELB a good fit for me? The ELB program provides a smooth transition for students coming from their home country to Canada. Our program offers intensive English Academic language instruction, which is essential for students who may need to improve their English language skills.  

This program allows you to quickly improve your language proficiency while becoming more comfortable communicating in a new environment. Additionally, our ELB program also provides opportunities to immerse yourself in Canadian culture, helping you quickly adjust to daily life in your new home of Toronto. 

A Direct Pathway to Higher Education 

Most importantly, our ELB program can offer you a direct path to college-level studies. Students who successfully complete the ELB program can easily transfer into a range of our diploma or graduate certificate programs.  

This removes the need for you to go through the traditional college application processes, which can be time-consuming and expensive. 

A Supportive Community 

Additionally, our ELB program can provide students with a supportive community and safe environment for learning and growth. International students might sometimes feel isolated and alone in a new country, and a new city like Toronto, but our ELB program at FCT can help to bring together students from all over the world who might be in the same situation as you.  

This supportive, community we have built can be invaluable for students as they navigate their new home. 


Another point to note is that programs like the ELB program can be much more affordable than traditional university programs offered at other universities in Canada. By starting our ELB program, students can complete their Academic English language studies at a lower cost, while also taking the opportunity to become familiar with Canadian academic life and life in Toronto.  


These are just a few reasons why the ELB program can be the perfect fit for international students coming to Canada.  

They provide a smooth transition, a direct path to university, a sense of community and support, and can be more affordable.  

These programs are also specially designed to help international students succeed in their new home of Toronto, by providing them with the language and cultural skills they need to thrive in the Canadian education system. 

If you're an international student considering studying in Canada, our ELB program is definitely worth considering. It can provide you with the foundations for success, and our experienced and talented faculty and staff here at Fleming College Toronto Canada will provide you with everything you need to achieve your personal, educational, and professional goals here in Canada. 

If you would like to find out more, visit www.flemingcollegetoronto.ca/programs/english-language-bridge-elb.

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