5 Questions for Anurag Mathur, FCT Business Instructor

5 Questions for Anurag Mathur, FCT Business Instructor


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In and outside of classrooms, Anurag Mathur exudes confidence and kindness. His conversational and practical approach to teaching business has made him a popular instructor among FCT students. Staff know him as the friendly and insightful faculty member that is always ready for a fascinating conversation. Learn more about Anurag and his approach to education below.

Before working in education, what was your focus?

I joined an organization in marketing and communications but was always keen on teaching. As a result, my teaching involves marketing, branding, and communication.

For example, I always talk to students about packaging. Packaging is about presenting something in the best way possible. That certainly relates to teaching. It also relates to helping students. You teach them how to repackage their skills in the best possible way.

What is your teaching philosophy?

When it comes to learning, people always say that empathy is a success mantra. I always put myself in their shoes, and I use student-friendly language. If I see that a student understands French, I try to teach a little bit in their language. It keeps them engaged.

My lectures are not a monologue. They are a dialogue. I want to hear what the students have to say. I want to know how they feel. I give them importance. When you do this, they are involved. It creates mutual respect. I don’t mind spending extra time at lunch to hear what they have to say. These kids are so far from their families. If you hear them out and talk to them and understand their perspectives, they will respect you in return.

Do you have any advice for newcomers to Canada?

My biggest advice is come out of your comfort zone. Get out of your apartment. Get out of your shell. Get a TTC pass. Explore Toronto. Talk to people. Listen to people. Ask for help. The worst thing that can happen is someone says no. Is that so bad?

What makes colleges and universities in Canada different from other countries?

One very nice thing is that people are very helpful here. People are very open to people from different cultures. There are no boundaries or restrictions in terms of sex, gender, religion, or caste etc.

Canada lets people breathe comfortably. People achieve success here because they support each other.

Anything else you want to add?

I want to conclude with a hard line: there is no short cut to success. Life will always be hard, but you have to make it soft.

I am a single parent in Canada, a new country for me. It is only my son and me. However, I remain positive. My mantra to everyone is that you will only live if you want to live, so stay lively. Accept reality and learn from it. Decide what you can do now to make a difference. Keep moving.

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5 Questions for Anurag Mathur, FCT Business Instructor

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