Exploring Latin America in the GTA: Food, Markets, & Entertainment

Exploring Latin America in the GTA: Food, Markets, & Entertainment


Toronto is known for being a diverse city with rich culture in every corner. It’s one of the main reasons many decide to start a new journey in this energetic city. Many countries have been able to showcase their cultures in the city, and Latin American culture is no exception. From delicious cuisine to lively entertainment and speciality grocery stores, Toronto has a lot to offer to get the slice of life Latin American experience. In this blog, we will explore some of Toronto’s top Latin American grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment. 



  1. El Catrin – Located in the Distillery District, El Catrin is a vibrant Mexican restaurant focusing on authentic cuisine and an extensive tequila and mezcal selection. The restaurant provides a fun vibe with its colorful décor, with murals surrounding the walls. El Catrin’s menu features a range of dishes, including plantain molotes, lime Carlota icebox, and esquites (corn salad). 
  2. La Carnita– With several locations around the GTA, La Carnita is a popular restaurant for anyone looking to try authentic Mexican street food. The establishment is covered in funky and warm décor, creating a fun but cozy atmosphere. La Carnita’s menu includes Mexican staples, street corn, tres leche cake, and tacos. The restaurant also offers a selection of margaritas and other cocktails and hosts a happy hour special every day from 4-6 pm, making it the perfect spot to enjoy with friends. 
  3. Baro– Baro is a lively Latin Restaurant on King Street West, the perfect location for a fun time in Toronto! This restaurant offers a unique, contemporary take on traditional Latin American cuisine, like its jackfruit empanadas. The restaurant features a warm, earthy atmosphere, with exposed brick walls, bright green plants above and around, and a beautiful rooftop patio that highlights Toronto’s beauty. The menu has a range of dishes, including empanadas and churrasco steak, and has an extensive cocktail selection. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a night in the city, Baro is a must-visit. 
  4. Milagro Cantina– Milagro Cantina is a popular Latin American restaurant with two locations in Toronto: one on Queen Street and one in the Annex. You’ll feel at home with the restaurant’s warm, homey atmosphere. And the menu matches the vibe as well, with a range of classic, staple Mexican dishes, including siete mares, al pastor, and churros con cajeta with goat milk caramel. If you’re looking for authentic Latin American dishes, Milagro Cantina is the spot. 


  1. Lula Lounge– In Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood, Lula Lounge is a popular spot for anyone looking to experience live Latin American music and dance in one space. The venue features a spacious dance floor, a stage for live performances, and a restaurant that serves up unique Latin American dishes. Lula Lounge hosts various events, including dance workshops, salsa nights, and live concerts. 
  2. El Rancho– El Rancho is a lively Latin American restaurant and nightclub on College Street. The club features multiple dance floors and always plays diverse types of music. If you are looking for a fun night out, El Rancho hosts a range of events, including live performances, salsa nights, reggaeton parties, and salsa nights. With its diverse coward and energetic atmosphere, this 2-in-1 spot is the perfect place to enjoy a night out. 
  3. Toronto Latin American Film Festival (LATAFF) – The Toronto Latin American Film Festival is an annual event showcasing Latin American culture through film. The festival features a wide range of films, including feature-length films, documentaries, and short-length films. This festival provides a platform for Latin Americans to showcase their work while educating others about Latin American culture. Besides premiering films, LATAFF hosts other events, including workshops and panels with filmmakers and industry professionals. 


  1. Perola Supermarket– Located in Kensington Market, Perola Supermarket is the city’s oldest Latin American grocery store, which offers a range of Latin American products that would usually be difficult to find in the GTA, including fresh produce, snacks, and spices. 
  2. Tavora Food– With multiple locations throughout Toronto, including Brampton and Mississauga, Tavora Food is a popular Portuguese grocery store chain offering Latin American products. The store has a wide selection of fresh produce, including a variety of meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. 

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