From Meadows to Markets: 5 Fantastic Toronto Spring Activities in 2022

From Meadows to Markets: 5 Fantastic Toronto Spring Activities in 2022


As the air grows warmer and the spring rains turn the landscape green, the people of Toronto head outside to get a glimpse of nature or shop in a bustling street. Here are some of the most popular Toronto activities in spring.

Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Toronto’s most famous park comes to life in the spring with pink and white cherry blossoms. The time and number of blooms changes every year, but you can use this handy link to find the best locations in the park for blossom viewing. Bring some snacks or go for a stroll, this free event is a local favourite.

Visit a Farmers’ Market

Toronto is home to many great farmers’ markets, full of outdoor vendors that sell tasty eats, fresh ingredients, and artisanal goods. There are nearly two dozen of these markets scattered across the city, but the most popular are The Trinity Bellwoods Market, The Bloor/Borden Farmer’s Market, and the market at Evergreen Brick Works, which is the largest in Toronto.

Kensington Market Sunday Stroll

Starting May 31st, Toronto’s most famous district closes off its roads to cars every Sunday, so pedestrians can explore the market freely. Here you will find some great shops and restaurants, such as Café Pamenar, Dipped Donuts, and Egg Bae, which offers unique egg sandwiches.

Humber Arboretum

The botanical gardens of this 250-acre conservation area come to life in the spring. This beautiful, curated ecosystem has tree groves, wetlands, meadows, and more. If you are lucky, you might spot tortoises, owls, racoons, deer, and other wildlife.

Distillery District

Though the Distillery District is open year-round, the warmer weather makes it an ideal place for outdoor dining and shopping. Tired from all the walking? Grab a beverage from one of the many great cafes and enjoy some local buskers as they perform music in the area.


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