Get Winter Ready: What to Wear & Do During the Snow Season

Get Winter Ready: What to Wear & Do During the Snow Season


Before the air grows cold and the pavement gets covered in snow, ice, and slush, it’s a good idea to invest in some solid winter wear. This way, when the snow falls and the north wind blows, you’ll be warm and ready to enjoy the winter festivities.


Things you’ll need to survive this winter

1. Waterproof Jacket

Compared to colder cities in Canada such as Winnipeg, Toronto’s winters are more mild and wet. Instead of snow, you will experience a lot of sleet, a mixture of ice, rain, and snow. For these conditions, waterproof gear is a must. A great option for those looking for quality outdoor gear on a budget is Mountain Warehouse, which has three locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

2. Non-slip Winter Boots

You might find yourself walking over a lot of ice during your winter commute, so to avoid slipping and falling, grab a good pair of non-slip boots. These kinds of boots have great grip and fibre-embedded soles that give you traction on the ice.

3. A thick scarf

A thick scarf or neck warmer is a must during the winter. If you end up staying outside longer than you planned, you can pull the scarf up over your face, protecting you from the frigid wind.

4. A toque

“Toque” is the Canadian way of saying beanie or winter hat. Stand outside without a toque for half an hour, and you will get a sense of why they are so important. Your ears might turn red as you start to shiver! Toques are available everywhere in Toronto but remember to pay attention to the fabric. Wool or merino wool not only keeps you warm but dries quickly.


Ways to enjoy winter in Toronto this year

Once you got the right gear, winter becomes a lot of fun. Plenty of indoor and outdoor activities will keep you busy during this season in Toronto. Even when it gets close to -20 °C, you can find something fun to do.

1. Play indoor bocce ball

Bocce ball is a fun and casual activity that anyone can enjoy regardless of skill level. The first indoor bocce golf course recently opened in Toronto, providing a great escape when you want to get out but stay in at the same time. This venue is called Lob Toronto, and they serve up great food and drinks for you while you play.

2. Go ice-skating

Slide and spin with this classic winter activity in Toronto. The most popular spot for skating in Toronto, of course, is Nathan Phillips Square. Here, you can rent skates and enjoy a hot beverage. Recently, a more popular skating destination has been the skating trail beneath the gardener expressway. Along the Bent Way trail, there will be food trucks, warming stations, and fire pits to keep warm, which brings us to our next point…

3. Have a bonfire

If you don’t have a backyard where your friends can gather around a warm fire pit, visit Ontario Place, where you can reserve a fire pit beside the water. Here, you can roast your own marshmallows and relax with your friends. Don’t forget to bring your own wood to burn!

4. Learn to Decorate your home at the Interior Design Show

If you find yourself spending a lot of time at home during the winter, consider sprucing up your interior to create a better living environment. At the Interior Design Show (or IDS for short), you can learn about all the newest products and trends in design, providing inspiration for your own home decorating.


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