9 Reasons to Level Up Your Career Prospects with a Graduate Certificate

9 Reasons to Level Up Your Career Prospects with a Graduate Certificate


From increased employability to more-practical lessons, graduate certificate programs offer a huge range of advantages for those looking to start or level up their careers in Canada. Get a deeper understanding of the benefits of graduate certificates with all the points compiled in this list.

Stand out in the Job Pool

Having a graduate certificate shows that you have expertise. According to Henry Gomez, Associate Director of Academics at Fleming College Toronto, this makes you stand out to employers.

“A graduate certificate can be seen by employers as an indication of maturity in the individual,” he explained. “This shows that you are not only knowledgeable in a general area but also specialized in a specific field.”

Finish Faster

Many graduate certificates can be completed much faster than other forms of advanced education. For example, it only takes two semesters to complete Fleming College Toronto’s Graduate Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics.

Save Money

Master’s degrees are a big financial commitment, especially for international students.  International students studying for an MBA at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management can expect to pay CAD $135,730. In contrast, international students can expect to pay CAD $36,014.44 for Fleming College Toronto’s Global Business Management Graduate Certificate Program.

Make More

The increased specialization and expertise that comes with attending a graduate certificate program will help you land a better-paying job.

“Other benefits include higher position and better-paying jobs for students with graduate certificates on their resume,” said Henry.

Get Practical Training

Graduate certificate programs are vocational in nature, meaning everything you learn in a graduate certificate program is practical and useful in the workplace.

Learn Industry Standards

Programs often match industry standards, such as Fleming College Toronto’s Project Management Graduate Certificate, which aligns with the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI), a leading professional institute and non-for-profit organization that develops and researches industry standards for programs in 213 countries.

Get Focused

Whereas master’s degrees tend to focus on a broad range of topics in a field, graduate certificates usually focus on a single career pathway. This increased specialization means that all the content of a graduate certificate will be useful in your future career. With a graduate certificate, you don’t have to worry about taking classes that are not related to your career goals.

“The main benefit for students is that they will be more specialized in a certain area of knowledge and expertise,” explained Henry. “A graduate diploma can be the key for them to become experts in their fields.”

Get Industry Certified

For info about the kind of careers you can get with Fleming College Toronto’s graduate certificates, check out the posts about companies in Toronto.

For information about Fleming College Toronto’s graduate certificate programs, please visit our website or contact us at info@flemingcollegetoronto.ca



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