From TV Host to Student Support and Success Manager: 5 Questions for Paulina Alvarez

From TV Host to Student Support and Success Manager: 5 Questions for Paulina Alvarez


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Paulina Alvarez’s professional journey is nothing short of fascinating. She began as a TV host, transitioned to being a career coordinator, and now works as Student Support and Success Manager at FCT. In short, her career has been a dynamic interplay of experiences. We had the chance to talk to her about her past positions while gaining insight and advice for those considering changing careers and countries.

Can you tell us about your previous roles in Television and your current role as Student Support and Experience Manager? Are they different or similar to one another?

When comparing my previous roles to my current role, they’re not that different – they all centre around communication. Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted a career in something related to communication.

During university, I received an opportunity to host a sports TV show. I wasn’t involved in sports, but I did the audition and got it. While it was in relation to communication, I later realized it wasn’t for me. I decided to transition to a different industry and worked as a career coordinator for 13 years.

However, I later received an invitation to host a popular TV show and thought, “Let’s do this again.” I worked in that role for four years, interviewing politicians, government officials, and singers. It was a great experience.

Communication is a skill that you find important. What other skills do you believe are valuable?

Soft skills are very valuable in the professional world. While hard skills are also essential, soft skills will help you in your personal and professional growth. I recommend students focus on developing soft skills such as punctuality, commitment, patience, resilience, and adaptability.

Many students worry about cultural differences when moving to a new country. What advice do you have for students to overcome that obstacle?

Be open to the experience of living in a new country. When you move, you’re not just continuing your life from back home; you’re embarking on a new chapter. Adapt to the culture and immerse yourself. You can make it the best experience of your life.

Think of it like making a smoothie: You add in the ingredients – milk, ice, strawberries, and blend it. Once combined, you don’t see the individual elements, but it’s still a smoothie. That’s what Canada is like—a big smoothie with different ingredients blended and coexisting with one another. Embracing the mix can make your journey here fulfilling.

Could you share some practical advice for students looking for motivation?

Commit to being the best and make your time at FCT and in Canada worthwhile. Furthermore, pursue your passions and dreams with the utmost dedication. Follow what truly resonates with your heart. Additionally, stay attuned to your surroundings and thoughts because you never know when you'll have an "aha" moment that could change your life.

Make a list of short-term and long-term goals. Take small steps periodically to achieve something on that list. Overall, not everything will come easily, but you should strive to see the positive in every step of your journey.

What resources would you recommend to students who might be experiencing difficulties in navigating a career change, adapting to a new country, or facing any other challenges?

We have several resources available to students to cater to their situations, such as career services and health and wellness. Don't hesitate to reach out to any department if you need assistance or resources.

If you’re interested in embarking on a fulfilling journey in Canada, explore our available programs.

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