The Best Places to Live in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

The Best Places to Live in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area


Toronto, considered one of the best places to live in Canada, is a sprawling mega-metropolis with so many exciting neighbourhoods that it can be hard to choose where to live. Regardless, living in Toronto is sure to be a life-changing experience no matter which neighbourhood you choose to call home.

Beyond Toronto, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you can find just as many vibrant districts that are filled with restaurants, parks, and modern homes.

To help you choose where to live, skim at the lists below of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto and the GTA.


The Best Places to Live in Toronto

Toronto has four main areas: Midtown, Downtown, the West End, and the East End. Let’s explore them all!


Midtown is where FCT’s campus is located, so it is an easy choice for those who are looking for a short commute to class. The area is full of parks, shops, and cafés. To explore what Midtown has to offer, start with our blog post on Midtown Toronto’s most walkable streets.


If you are looking for a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario, it could be a great idea to find a place to live in Queens Quay. This area also has easy access to the streetcars, subway system, and the Go Trains at Union Station. It will take about 31 minutes to reach FCT’s campus from downtown, according to Google Maps.

You will also be close to many of the city’s more popular attractions, such as the Eaton Centre, St Lawrence Market, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

West End

Due to its proximity to the University of Toronto, many students have historically called this area home. However, recently, it has become a hub for young professionals who want to be near the great restaurants and pubs found on Bloor Street.

Explore the following neighbourhoods in the West End: The Annex, Kensington, and Little Italy.

East End

The East End has its share of diverse neighbourhoods filled with interesting attractions. Leslieville is a hub for artists and creative types, and so this neighbourhood is full of unique, independent shops.

In the East End, you will also find Little India, a hot spot for authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Here, you can also explore over 125 small businesses that deal in clothing, homeware, and groceries. There’s even a large Diwali celebration in November.

Most of the East End is about 50 minutes from campus by public transportation.

Another advantage of this area is that it is near Riverdale Park and the Don River, idyllic spots for a bike ride, a hike, or a picnic.


The Best Places to Live in the Greater Toronto Area

One of the advantages of FCT’s Midtown campus is that it is just as easy to access from outside of Toronto as inside.

North York

East Asian cuisine fills the streets of North York, so many newcomers from China and Korea will feel right at home in this area. From North York, it takes about 17 minutes by subway to reach FCT’s campus.


Etobicoke is located close to the West End, so even though it is outside of Toronto proper, it still provides easy access to many of the West End’s amenities, such as High Park. Other great nearby parks include Jeff Healey Park and the parks around the Humber River. Etobicoke is about one hour away from campus.


Vaughan town centre is about an hour to campus by public transport or 35 minutes by car. In Vaughan, you will find Canada’s Wonderland, the biggest amusement park in the country. This area is also known for peaceful neighbourhoods that offer a calm respite from the bustle of downtown. Vaughan is about one hour away from campus.


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