Boost Your Employability with these Industry Certificates

Boost Your Employability with these Industry Certificates


Having the right industry certification can boost your chances of landing that dream job after you graduate. You might feel that having a diploma or graduate certificate is enough, but it can certainly be a good idea to get additional industry-recognized certification. Many certificates, such as the one offered by CIFFA, are markers of excellence, showing employers that you are an expert in your field with the most up-to-date skill set.

In what subjects can you earn an industry certificate?

Virtually every profession offers additional certification that will help you land a job. A good place to see what is available is Coursera, a website that collaborates with over 275 universities and companies to offer quality online professional certification.  

What is an Industry Certification?

An industry certification is a formal credential awarded by one's respective industry, signifying that they have met the knowledge and skills standards within a specific field. Industry certifications often showcase an individual's competence, professionalism, and qualifications to employers, clients, or peers, playing a significant role in career advancement and opportunities.

Why Get a Certificate?

  • Time: Certificates often take much less time than completing a new degree or diploma. Those worried about having to invest in years of study can rest assured that many certificates can be completed in months, often at your own pace.
  • Increase Your Employability: As mentioned, the main draw of an industry certificate is increased employability. It shows that you have honed your knowledge in a specific area and are ready to take on new challenges and help a company grow.
  • Find Your Focus: Many diplomas and even graduate certificates involve developing a general set of skills applicable to a wide variety of industries. While the flexibility that this imparts is useful if you want to explore different career paths, once you know what you want to focus on, it can be a good idea to pursue an additional professional certificate. For example, many accountants start out by taking a general business diploma or degree. Once they are certain that they want to become accountants, they often enroll in accountancy certification programs.
  • Shift Directions: If you’ve been working in one field for a long time and are in need of a change, getting a certificate in a different industry can help you with the transition. For example, maybe someone working in sales has recently discovered that they would like to transition to marketing, and so decides to pursue a marketing certificate.

How to Prepare for an Industry Certification Exam?

Understand the Exam Requirements: Review the certification exam's official website or documentation to understand the prerequisites, exam format, topics, and passing criteria.

Collect Study Materials: Gather relevant study materials, such as textbooks, courses, online practice exams, and more. Look for resources recommended by your professors and/or professionals.

Create a Study Plan: Develop a study plan that covers all exam objectives. Allocate time for each topic and set regular study sessions.

Join Study Groups: Consider joining or forming a study group with peers preparing for the same certification or program. Discussing topics and sharing insights can enhance your understanding.

Stay Confident: Believe in your preparation and stay confident during the exam. Trust your knowledge and abilities.

Top Industry Certificates to Pursue after Graduation

Before choosing a certificate, it can be good to ask your instructor, academic counsellor, or career counsellor for advice. This will help you discover a pathway that is right for your own unique needs. To get you started in your search, Fleming College Toronto’s (FCT) program coordinators compiled a list of great industry certificates applicable to graduates from each of FCT’s programs.

For Graduates of Project Management

For Graduates of Both Business & Global Business Management

For Graduates of Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics

To learn about certification in your field, speak to your academic advisor or email


Is a graduate certificate worth it?

Yes, it is. Fleming College Toronto's Supply Chain Management program equips you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the industry.

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